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The Mola-Mola DAC

You probably know the frustration of discovering your DAC has suddenly gone out of date because some new super chip has hit the market. We decided to stay out of that cycle and design, from the ground up, a discrete DAC whose unbeatable staying power results simply from being more than 10 years ahead of the performance curve. There's room enough for improvement: today’s best DAC chip claims no better than 22 bits’ worth of dynamic range and only 20 bits’ worth of linearity. High resolution music deserves better than that. Mola-Mola’s DAC is designed from the ground up using circuits and digital algorithms that were entirely developed in house.

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Key features

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AES/EBU (XLR), Optical (Toslink), USB and Bluetooth (A2DP, APTX). Ethernet connection for internal purposes only.

Supported formats

PCM up to 384 kHz /32 bits (>192 kHz and >24 bits only via USB)
DoP up to double speed and Native DSD up to quad speed (USB only)


Full-Scale Output Level: 20 dBu
Signal to Noise Ratio: 140 dB (standalone version), 130dB (preamp option board)
THD, IMD: not measurable (estimated -150 dB).
Bandwidth: Up to 80 kHz. Choice of sharp or slow upsampling filters, minimum or linear phase.
Integrated jitter: <1 ps from 10 Hz upwards, <300 fs from 1 kHz upwards.
Jitter rejection: >80 dB at 1 Hz after 20 seconds of lock.


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