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For Android® and iOS®
Use the Mola Mola Remote app, for smartphone and tablet, to view and control the settings of your Makua, Kula and Tambaqui devices.

Functions of the app includes:
Volume control
Preset selection and configuration
Phono stage parameters
View DAC status and firmware versions
Firmware update

iOS App
Android App


Premium or standard

The Mola Mola Remotes are designed to go with the stylist approach of the Mola Mola electronics. The simple designs are made to the highest standards possible. Milled from a single block of aluminium just like the Makua, Kaluga and Tambaqui the aesthetic design oozes quality!

The Mola Mola remotes are available in a premium and a standard version. The standard remote is provided with Makua, Kula and Tambaqui.

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