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Mola Mola Kula integrated amplifier

For those of you who have been with us for a couple of years already, it was always a sure talking point. When will you come out with an integrated? We always thought it would be next year... Years came, years went.

2019 finally marked the start of the project that became "Kula" - indeed - the name for a school of fish, i.e., bringing together all of our previous products, Amp, Pre-Amp, Phono-stage and DAC in one single chassis. The design goal for our team was to combine the praised quality's of Mola Mola's existing models with a newly developed Mola Mola power-amplifier. Built on proven technology for some parts and pushing the boundaries on others.

Kula is all that! We believe that there should be a well-defined balance between optimal performance and optimal usability. The combined design brief of (world-) class leading properties ensures the Kula will astound you, it is the integrated that truly belies its size! More info